Health Careers Exploration for High School Students

MedQuest is a six-day, summer, residential health careers exploration program for southern Vermont high school students* currently enrolled in grades 10,11 or 12. Admission is competitive and scholarships are available upon parent request.


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PLEASE NOTE:  Students from Addison, Rutland, Bennington, Windham and Windsor counties are eligible for either session.


You may apply two (2) ways:
1) Download and print the MedQuest Application (click here).  Complete the application and two (2) references (included in PDF download) and mail to SVAHEC.

2) Fill out the online application.  Download the MedQuest Reference Form and ask two (2) non-family members to complete and return to SVAHEC.  References may also be completed online.

Online MedQuest Application

Online MedQuest Reference Form


SVTAHEC seeks qualified graduate-level health professions students to serve as MedQuest Mentors for the MedQuest programs.   SVTAHEC hires a team of 4 staff members for each program consisting of graduate-level health professions students and community professionals.

The application for graduate-level health professions students (available here) is a combined application for all of the MedQuest programs and summer projects statewide.  If you are only interested serving in Southern Vermont, simply only select those programs on your application.

Please contact Eleanor Thomas, Health Careers Educator with questions:



The cost for the 2019 program is $500 which includes room and board, food, and workshop supplies.  Scholarships are available upon request!   Students will stay in dorm rooms during week with a roommate.  Staff will provide 24-hour supervision.


Both sessions of MedQuest are open to all Vermont residents who attend high school in Addison, Bennington, Rutland, Windham, and Windsor counties, and to students who live in neighboring states and attend a Southern Vermont regional/technical center, or attend a public or private Southern Vermont high school in 10, 11 or 12th grade.  Students who do not live in Addison, Bennington, Rutland, Windham or Windsor counties but attend high school in one of these regions are eligible to apply to Southern Vermont MedQuest.  If you live in another region of Vermont, there are other MedQuest programs throughout the state.  Please check out the Northeastern Vermont AHEC website for more information.


The MedQuest schedule is jammed packed with activities, workshops, job shadows and recreation to help you explore health careers and get to know other students with similar interests.

  • JOB SHADOWS with health care professionals
  • Meet health professionals
  • Health career workshops to include:
    • Suturing
    • Vital Signs
    • Medical Ethics
    • Basic Medical Terminology
    • And many more!
  • CPR certification
  • Experience life on a college campus!
  • Get to know medical students from UVM!


  • Clothing/Scrubs – MedQuest scrubs (provided) will be worn when we leave campus with sneakers or comfortable dress shoes (scrubs are washed each evening). (NO high heels, open toes or sandals with scrubs). Hair must be pulled back neatly and securely. Facial piercings must be removed and nail polish removed. You will be in a professional environment and must dress appropriately.
  • Clothing – Campus wear: Comfortable clothing that meets your school dress code
  • Bedding – Sheets, towels, pillow, blanket
  • FAN!! The dorms tend to be very hot.
  • Bathing suit & towel (optional), hat, sneakers, sunglasses and sunscreen – for outdoor recreation.
  • Personal toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.)
  • Laundry bag for dirty clothes
  • Sweater/jacket
  • Tylenol/ Advil- if needed
  • Alarm clock
  • Prescription medication that is a controlled substance will be held by staff and distributed to students when needed.  Please notify program staff ahead of time of any special accommodations.

What NOT to Bring:

  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco products, weapons or explosives (fireworks, etc.).
  • Snacks will be provided on a regular basis and all meals are provided so not additional food is necessary
  • No money is needed during the week.
  • Cell Phones will be held during some of the program activities.  Staff are available by phone at all times.


Students need to show proof of vaccinations before they can participate in the program.  Students will need to show proof of MMR, Varicella, TdaP.  In addition a recent PPD test (tuberculosis) is also required by the hospitals we will be shadowing in.  Students who have not been fully vaccinated will not be allowed to participate in job shadows in the hospital setting.

Parents will need to complete a health form that gives permission for their student to receive medical treatment should they need it.  Parents will also need to provide us with information about any chronic medical conditions, and provide insurance and health care provider information.




  • EXPLORE a variety of careers and opportunities in health care from the well-known careers to the unexpected.  Through workshops and job shadows, students will have an opportunity to see a variety of careers in the health care workforce.  Students will also learn some basic medical skills, medical terminology and be introduced to a variety of career and education tracks.
  • SHADOW health care professionals in their work setting.  Students will participate in 4 three-hour job shadows throughout the week.  These shadows will allow students to experience some of the careers that they have identified as interests and also some exploration of careers they may have never thought about.
  • INCREASE AWARENESS of personal interests, values and skills in relation to health careers.  Through workshops, students will learn about skills that they need to be successful in college, such as study skills, time management and choosing the right college.  Students will also learn about opportunities available to them now to enhance their competitiveness for college.


Some schools have awarded school credit to students participating in this program.  Below you will find a breakdown of the total number of academic hours the students spend learning throughout the week and a description of how our programs can be mapped the the VT Framework of Standards.

MedQuest Breakdown of Program HoursMedquest Students working in hospital

MQ and AMQ Framework of Standards

Want more information?

Eleanor Thomas, Health Careers Educator
368 River Street, Suite 145
Springfield, VT 05156
Phone: 802.885.2126 ext. 103; Fax: 802.885.2128